by Marcie Bridges, @Marcie_Bridges

Many Thanks to Shane Greene Photography
Hey Everyone!
If you read Heart Thoughts last week, It’s a Happy New Year,  then you already know that I am in a transition phase. Heart Thoughts will be moving to a WordPress blog site in the coming weeks. I’m also excited to announce the creation of my new website which, when it is ready, will be at
In the meantime, I hope you will still visit my blog and read some of my older posts that perhaps you didn’t see the first time around. Here’s a few I thought you might enjoy:


BROKEN PIECES – Can God repair my broken heart?
INCLINE YOUR EAR – I wonder. Are we listening to God? … Isn’t
it time to bend your ear to Him? Isn’t it time to turn your head, cock your ear
upward and say, “Lord, what do YOU have for ME to hear today? What do YOU have to say to ME today?”
Jesus is referring to is your focus. If your focus is on His kingdom
and His righteousness, then your life will be in line with His. But if
you compromise, your life gets out of focus.” ~Anne Graham Lotz
next time you feel in need of encouragement, take a moment to crawl up
into your Father’s lap and let Him read to you. He’s the best
storyteller I know!
PRAYER OF A BROKEN SPIRIT – Create in me a space, Lord, to receive Your grace.
I’M NOT BRAVE – Sitting
at the desk, pen in hand, a poem began to churn within then spilled out
onto the pad of paper the hotel provided. Not sure of what I was
writing, I wrote anyway…
THE SOFT SWISH, SWISH OF HIS VOICE the soft swish, swish of God’s breath… What
does that make you think of? Does it ignite any emotion or feeling at
all? Does it create a smile or even a thought? Maybe you spend moments
just pondering it or wondering what it might feel like to have God’s
breath be a soft swish around you?
You can also visit my Facebook Page at Marcie Bridges Poetry Writer where I’ll be keeping you up to date on how everything is progressing.
I hope the new year is finding you doing well. I can’t wait to share with you all of the new things happening with me. And I can’t wait to share my new website and blog with you too! As you can see I had some new headshots taken and the above photo is my favorite one. During this time of transition I’ll be taking time to focus on Jesus and write down the things I believe He will want me to share with you in the year to come.
Thank you for being such faithful friends and readers.


From My Heart to Yours,


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